About the project

CBHist.eu – a new portal about history education!

CBHist.eu is an educational portal created by the Centre for Historical Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Berlin. Here you will find materials on Polish history and Polish-German relations: sources, studies, illustrations, videos, lesson plans, e-books, podcasts and online exhibitions. CBHist.eu was created for lecturers, teachers, students, pupils, people looking for knowledge about Poland, its history and interesting topics of its relations with Germany.

History teachers will find lesson plans based on the first Polish-German history textbook for teaching history in both countries. In our media library, history enthusiasts and educators will find historical materials sometimes unavailable elsewhere.

We believe that with its availability in three languages – German, Polish and English – CBHist.eu will meet the expectations of enthusiasts of Polish history and Polish-German relations from other countries as well. We encourage you to promote it!

We are curious about your opinions on CBHist.eu If you would like to share them, please write to us at: marcin.fronia@cbh.pan.pl.

CBHist.eu Editorial Team